A "Run now" option for a queued job?


is it possible to increase the priority of a previously scheduled job, so that it’d be run immediately after a GPU is free?
I know that you can set a per-user priority, but per-job – haven’t seen so far.

The use-case is following: I am running a moderate “grid screen” of parameters for one job, and at the same time e.g. cleaning particles with roudns of 2D classification. I’d like to keep cleaning, without having to re-set the screen again. Is it possible?

@marinegor Suppose a job J450 in project P55 has been queued. Then you may adjust its priority via cryosparcm icli with this python command:
db['jobs'].update_one({'project_uid' : 'P55', 'uid' : 'J450'}, {'$set' : {'priority' : 55}})
Alternatively, a job’s priority can be specified at the time of job queuing.

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oh wow, thanks a lot!
The cryosparcm icli approach is particularly useful, thanks.