A problem with denoising

Hi all,
I have an odd problem with denosing. Not all the time I get the pictures of the denoised micrograph. It says it’s done but I can’t see anything even when I try to look at all of them and not just the ones in the cryosparc gui.

In the picture I added here I can see the that in the big dataset (J10) I can see them and in the small one (J14 and J16) I can’t see any of them. I want to use these to see if the picking is right and since I can’t see the denoise ones I can’t see much if the picking is well enough for me. When I open them with manual picking to see all of them I can’t see any picture.

I run all using the same parameters.

Yehuda Halfon

I always had the same problem, but I didn’t figure out how to solve it