3DVA frames 0 through 19 -> 1 through 20

Hi @team ,

sorry if I throw a rock in the middle of still water…

at the moment, 3DVA ouputs frames 0 through 19. It is all fine for the analysis, visualization etc, but when it comes to writing a a manuscript, it could be confusing. "in the first component the movement is… " while we actually refer to component_000.
Also, when I apply phenix.varref to refine an ensemble of models inside the maps, the models follow the maps numbering from 0 through 19, but I’ve been told that the PDB doesn’t consider models starting at 0, but it should start at 1 (being a convention).

So… I was wondering if it possible to have cryosparc output frames_001 → _020 instead?

Thank you.

HI @vincent, thanks for reporting - we’ve noted the request. Unfortunately right now we won’t be able to change the numbering convention due to the number of breaking changes it would cause, but we will keep it in mind if in the future we come to a point where we can make the change. Thanks!