3D classification

Dear all,
As new entry into EM I have many questions which some of you may find dumb. Sorry to waste your time with such questions. I found this platform is the best EM teacher.

I did up to 2D classification in relion. Then I imported particles into cryosparc using cryosparc import option and selecting particle metapath.

Simultaneously, I also imported the motion corrected micrographs into cryosparc. Did the CTF correction in cryosparc and extracted the particles using the imported particles file.

Then I ran a set of 2D classification. Selected good particles and ran the Ab intio 3D. It gave me a reasonable map. Then I did nonuniform refinement. Map was looking decent.

Now my question is can I use this xxxvolume.mrc as reference and do the 3D classification in relion using the same set of particles which I first imported into cryosparc? Or do I need to export this map and particles into relion again.

Thank you

I don’t think you will need to export the particles into relion again.

You can always try and see if it works. If there is a problem, you should see an error very quickly. And if you are still unsure, you can try both the original and imported to be sure.