2D classification -- full size mrc

Dear colleagues,

Probably a straightforward question (sorry :slight_smile: ), but how to get the 2D stack mrc with correct pixel size ( without binning / downsampling)

I have my 2D result run where I would like to select and extract the class averages at the initial pixel size. But as a result, I get 128x128.

Thank you


Hi Dmitry, it sounds like you ran 2D classification with binned particles and would like to select some classes and use the unbinned particles downstream (perhaps another round of 2D to get โ€œunbinnedโ€ 2D classes). You can select the classes of interest and input the selected particles to a new extract job to extract them without binning (fourier crop to box- blank). Once you have re-extracted without binning you can run another round of 2D or use for other jobs.

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