2D Classification: cuMemHostAlloc failed: invalid argument

Hi all,
I am running a 2D classification job
3,329,682 particles
400 pix box
300 classes
I kick off the job and get the following error:

Hi @carthur,

What operating system are you running? Is it CentOS 7? We have created a special build for users running cryoSPARC on CentOS 7, as there seems to be some incompatibilities with that operating system at the moment. I will send you a direct message with the details.

I experienced similar issue, that if I ran the 2D job on multiple GPUs. But when I ran the same job on ONE GPU only, the job completed smoothly and it did not use a lot of GPU memory also.
BTW, I am using the latest version, 3.1.0 and with latest patch.