2D Class Selection: ambiguity in right click option language

Hi CryoSPARC team,

There is some potential ambiguity in the phraseology for 2D class selection “greater than”/“less than”. Not sure if it’s been discussed before (a search threw nothing up) so wanted to ask…

A new user highlighted this to me a few weeks ago but this has been sitting in my drafts: (particles sorted by resolution)

If selecting the option “greater than x.yz Å” - which to me implies >x.yz Å, i.e./e.g.: 8 Å or worse resolution - actually higher resolution classes are selected. Selecting “less than x.yz Å” (which again would mean <x.yz Å) selects worse classes.

Of course, I suppose inverting this might (briefly) confuse people with the current verbiage ingrained.

I find myself in the camp for which the current meaning seems more intuitive but recognise the ambiguity. In any case, I remain agnostic to either implementation.


Maybe “better” and “worse” could be used? Their meaning seems less ambiguous.



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Hi all,

Thank you for the suggestion! Using “better” and “worse” is much clearer - we’ve added this to our to-do list :slight_smile:

- Suhail


Nice, cheers! From feedback from trainees it’s a little thing which will hopefully eliminate some early confusion.