2 half-maps - postprocessing//sharpening

Dear colleagues,

When I have 2 half-maps from relion.
How can I do sharpening (postprocessing) in cryosparc?

Thank you!


I don’t think there’s a way, the sharpening tools in cryosparc accepts only 1 volume. Though you have half maps for gsFSC in Relion, the sharpening of the full dataset volume can be performed anywhere. Is there any reason why you can’t bring the final volume? there are also options to sharpen in basically all cryoem and crystallography softwares, with varying results.

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Dear @CryoEM1,

I would like to get benefit from cryosparc by:
a) running auto masking tool (and get the mask)
b) the sharpening tool (that also requires a mask).

But I have only half maps from 3D refinement.

The key problem - although the FSC of 3D map looks fine, the masking and afterwards postprocessing (in relion) gives the strange FSC ( not only by shape but also that it is not reaching “0”).
That is a reason I tried to find a way for auto-masking using cryosparc.

So do I understand that currently in cryosparc I can not do that?

Thank you


I don’t think so, but I’m not sure. I would bring the particles and quickly run NU-refine or homogeneous refinement. That will at least get you the mask and access to sharpening, if not a better map. But I understand that’s not the tool you were looking for, sorry. If your FSC doesn’t go to zero, consider “remove duplicate particles” in case there are issues in picking.