2.12 New refinement job requires much larger memory


The new update has been working very well for us, thank you! However, one thing is that the new refinement job now requires much more RAM (4X larger in a few cases). As a result our jobs crash a lot more often than before. We have workstations that have 64G and 128G RAM, which can only run 1-2 new refinement jobs at the same time depending on box size and resolution of the reconstructions. Just wondering if it’s possible to have new features like pausing refinement jobs or being able to resume a failed refinement job so that we can start running jobs without being worried that it might fail because of RAM issues.

Thanks in advance,

Hi @Hui, thanks for reporting!
The new refinement (with CTF refinement options on) currently does use a fair bit more memory depending on the box size. This is not necessary, just not optimized yet, and we will be working on it.
We probably wont support pause/resume (it’s very difficult) but once the memory usage is optimized, the “new refinement” should actually use substantially less memory than before. Sorry for the trouble for now!

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