2.11 - notifications preferences?


New update looks great overall!!

Just wondering - are there any preferences for notifications in 2.11? I love that they are there - and it will be very helpful to get notifications when other users launch jobs, or when my jobs complete - but I don’t need notifications for everything, so it would be good to have some granular control over what triggers a notification and what doesn’t. Also, email notifications would be great for long running jobs :slight_smile:

Also, is native STAR file export still coming? Or is it in 2.11 already and I just haven’t found it yet?



Hi @olibclarke,

Thanks for the suggestion! We’re planning on expanding the capabilities of the notification system in the future. Slack and email notifications are also on the way.

- Suhail


Hi @sdawood, did CS team manage to get the email and Slack notifications up and running?