V3.3.1 Import data, - New bug! - "Random numbers" from the image name


We have noticed that if I import data on cryosparc v3.3.1, Cryosparc create new file name with random number
(for example : J527/imported/005997995908380203060_original_filename.frames.mrcs).

Is this a new bug of v3.3.1?

Because imported file name is changed we can not export cryosparc output file to star file properly without losing any information.

Is there any way to import data without changing original file name?



I also tested the “Remove leading UID in input micrograph path” function on / off.

This option did not make any difference. This could be a now bug!!!


@Young Please kindly see this post for more details: Random numbers being added in Import Micrographs Job

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  1. This is not the data specific issue. The problem is only happened when I import data with new version V3.3. I also tested the old data again with new version v3.3 as a reference. The imported data file names are changed by adding random number which was not happened when we used older version.

  2. “Remove leading UID in input micrograph path” option did not make any difference.

Any other option that I can test??

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Hi @Young,

Can you post the exact error message as well as the command you used?

This was added in v3.2.0 Patch 210831