Reference based motion correction (after live session)

hi all,

I ran a live session during data collection, exported the exposures to a normal session and processed from there. Now I would like to do reference-based motion correction but how can I link the movies (rather than the exposures which I exported)? I tried dropping in the “exported exposures” from the live session and get the error below.

I can’t tell for sure, but it does seem like this may have worked? but then presumably there’s an issue with some files getting imported during the live session which are not proper data (e.g. gain reference)

[CPU:   1.36 GB  Avail: 489.21 GB]
Resolution cutoffs: alignment 4.448 A, cross-validation 3.145 A

[CPU:   3.32 GB  Avail: 487.25 GB]
Removed 95 movies with fewer than 2 particles.

[CPU:   3.32 GB  Avail: 487.19 GB]
Removed 43 particles (in micrographs with fewer than 2 total particles).
AssertionError: All movies must have the same number of frames
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This should work. Connecting the CryoSPARC Live exported exposures would also link the necessary metadata for the motion correction job to “find” the movie files.

Please see Reference based motion correction error: All movies must have the same number of frames - #20 by kstachowski for how to select a set of movies with consistent frame counts.