Project reattached - Jobs missing


I reattached a project with 3 workspaces to a 4.4.1 cryosparc instance… On the Workspace view i can see that one workspace for example has 178 jobs. And also that 37 jobs are “3D refinement”. But wen i click to “view 178 jobs” i can only see 28 jobs. When i play around between “Tree view” and “table view” i can see all jobs. But only for a few seconds and then it cleans up the view and i am back at 28 jobs.

Any idea what i could do?

Best wishes

@biocit Thanks for reporting this issue. Please can you email us
browser debugging console log and network HAR files. After starting the log and HAR recordings, please

  1. Reload the UI web page
  2. For each of the affected workspaces:
    navigate from the projects view into the workspace

I will send you a private message with the email address where to send the compressed console log and network HAR files.

Thanks. I sent the logs. I saw now that the missing jobs have something like

But how can that happen?


Completed Deleted.

job status in table view is consistent with a completed, deleted job where the Show Deleted filter has been applied. In this case, you would also see deleted=true as part of the URL. Was the Show Deleted filter enabled when your recorded the screenshot of job P136 J46?
Do you consistently observe that a large number of jobs in a workspace initially show, then disappear?
Are the “disappearing” jobs displayed when you enable the Show Deleted filter?
You may also encounter the

Completed Deleted.

job status when the UI is disrupted for some reason. The debug logs you shared with us indicate that the UI is accessed using a URL that begins
with http://<hostname>:<portnumber>. Such a URL may result in UI disruptions for hostnames other than localhost or 127.*.*.* (see Webapp get really unresponsive on heavy load - #7 by wtempel).
Does the UI of your CryoSPARC instance behave as expected when you access the UI via port forwarding and a URL like<forwarded_localport>?

There was no filter active. When i add the show deleted jobs then i can see them and they stay there. The screenshot was made during the loading when i go to the table view. But it is needed to go first to the tree view and then to the table view to trigger this behavior.

Thanks for these clarifications @biocit .
Please can you let us know whether accessing the CryoSPARC UI via port forwarding in conjunction with a<forwarded_localport> changes this behavior.

The interface is on a server os without GUI. So i have only http://hostname:39000/ available.

You can still forward a local port from the computer where your browser is running with a special ssh command and then use a url with 127.*.*.* or localhost (details).

Ah cool. Same behavior.

What was the full url that you ended up using to access the CryoSPARC UI after port forwarding to observe the same behavior?

It was:


Thanks @biocit for confirming.
Please can you, using

  • portforwarding and the http://localhost:62222 url
  • a browser other than firefox (where certain relevant debugging info is not recorded), such as chrome

repeat the steps in Project reattached - Jobs missing - #2 by wtempel and email us the debugging logs.

I collected the har files with chromium. But the logs from the browser where empty.