Option to delete extracted particles?

Hi, apart from Patch Motion jobs, Extract from Micrograph jobs tend to take up the most space on disk.

I wonder whether it would be worth adding an option to delete extracted particle stacks, while keeping the job and particle coordinates around, so they can be regenerated if needed? this would save a lot of space I think.



Clearing the Extract from Micrograph job would allow you to rerun the job. What critical information that is not available in upstream results would you like to preserve from the Extract from Micrograph job?


Clearing the job rather than deleting I guess is okay, as that still maintains the inputs (and input parameters) which should have the number of particles and their coordinates included. Thanks!

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Clearing an old extraction job gives this error:

I think this is because the job was created with an older version of cryosparc that lacked this parameter in extract?

The team confirmed this to be an incompatibility between the old job and the newer installed CryoSPARC version, and prepared this database query (via cryosparcm icli) as a fix:

project_id = 'P1'
job_id = 'J1860'
    {"project_uid": project_id, "uid": job_id},
        "$set": {
            "params_base.bin_size_pix_small": {
                "type": "number",
                "value": None,
                "title": "Second (small) F-crop box size (pix)",
                "desc": "...",
                "order": 99,
                "section": "extract_params",
                "advanced": False,
                "hidden": False

Can you clear the job after running these commands?

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I will check shortly, thanks @wtempel!