A question about the content of the csg

Hi, all. I met a question about the content of the csg file. Previously, there are only 6 items in a 3D refinement job: alignment2D, alignment3D, blob, ctf, location, pick_stats. However, I found that in one csg file, there are 4 additional items: alignments_class_1, alignments_class_2, alignments_class_3, alignments_class_4. I didn’t know what the meaning of those is. It troubled me when I re-imported the csg file via “import result group”. I used these re-imported particles to do a refinement job. There was an error information about the “length”. And it also said “The outputs were still usable”. However, I didn’t know how to use them. When I do another refinement job after it, it always said the input was not ready. Can anyone help me?

Sorry, I forgot to say what I wanted to do. I wanted to use the re-imported particles to do more 3D refinement jobs. The error information about “length” & “The outputs were still usable” struggled me now.

Hi @Yuqi,

Can you post the entire contents of your .csg file? Can you also paste the entire contents of the Import Result Group’s Overview tab?

Can you give me your email? I can send you the cs files.

@Yuqi Please can you

  • copy+paste the “Overview” tab (“Show from top”)
  • provide a screenshot of the “Inputs and Parameters” tab

for the job that produced the Traceback you posted earlier.