Worker not registered error


I installed Cryosparc 2.15 on a single standalone workstation. I made a typo in the ssd path,
so to correct the path to the ssd, I am trying to use the command (name of workstation redacted)

cryosparc2_worker/bin/cryosparcw connect --worker xxxx --master xxxx --update --ssdpath /correct_path

where the worker and master are the same name. I get the following error:

Worker xxxx has not been registered so cannot be updated.

How can I get passed this?



Hi @harryg, what happens when you try the same command without the --update flag?


Ok, that seems to have worked.

Should the update flag not be used?



Hi @harryg,

It looks like the worker didn’t get registered the first time, which is why you saw the Worker xxxx has not been registered so cannot be updated error. Removing the --update flag will register the worker as a new instance rather than trying to update a worker that is already registered with the same name.