Weird 2D classification error in V.2.8.0




I am re-running some analysis on a dataset that classifies and refines well to sub-3A resolution in order to test the new cryosparc functionalities in V.2.8. However I got a weird 2D classification error that I have not seen before - the 2D classes are masked completely out with circular white or grey masks (depending on the iteration) even if the outputs from the template picker and local motion correction appear normal and no error message were encountered before. In terms of settings I am using settings from a previous job that ran fine in V.2.5. Any idea what this could be due to?




Hi Petya,

Did you happen to run patch based motion correction, patch based CTF estimation, particle picking, and then local motion correction before 2D classification? I had the same issue when I ran per particle-based local motion correction of particles. My understanding is that local motion correction is no longer needed.