View micrograph name in Live

I cannot seem to find a way to view the micrograph name in cryoSPARC live. Is there any way to view the micrograph name next to the microgrpah? The only way I see to do this now is click on the “Exposure X” dropdown in the “overview” section.
I want to view the micrograph name for screening different grid regions and understanding which squares good/bad micrographs come from with leginon naming system. I guess it would be nice to have the name viewed next to the micrograph.

Hi @user123,

Thanks for the suggestion - we have added this to our to-do list.

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Thanks! Something else that might be helpful in assessing different squares or ice thickness to decide where to do a large data collection is to enable particle or micrograph separation based on a wildcard within the name, but without having to start a new session. This would allow quick 2D classification of all particles from a particular square and keeping them separate. Since particle distribution, SNR, and orientation can differ substantially over different ice thicknesses, this would allow a fast pre-screening that would streamline data collection.