User-defined job-chain?


the new features in v4 to create following jobs by right click on one job is great, also the cloning of a job chain seems great too.
Along these lines, I was wondering if it possible to have a user-defined chain of jobs from say import movies to blob-picker and extraction and 2D classification?
Typically, I always process data collected far, and don’t have access to data being collected. So I don’t use cryosparc live (should I?) as I receive all the data at once. It is as easy to start jobs one after another, and I always do the same types of processing since it’s rather the same protein, so it would make sense to have a set of jobs already in place (with saved parameters such as box size, etc… ).

Thanks for your feedback.

You should preprocess in Live and export particles for 2D and beyond. My guess is significantly faster and certainly easier to get good picking.

You may want to explore cryosparc-tools, which facilitate integration of custom scripts into CryoSPARC workflows.