Suggestion: project abstract file

If cryosparc can generate an abstract file (in CIF or YAML maybe) summarizing the essential information of the processing it would greatly facilitate archiving the projects. I realize that this can be done by the users. But if cryosparc can also read such files and restore some of the processing flow in a manner similar to the “T20 workflow” it would be a nice feature. With this function the users can more freely migrate results to new projects or compters.

The abstract should only contain a minimal set of important numbers such as UIDs, frame shifts, ctf information, particle locations, particle 2D/3D classes. The idea is that with this minimal set of nubmers the user would be able to later reproduce some of the most important results starting from the movies or micrographs alone. This way the archived projects are more resistant to incompatibility caused by program upgrades.