Select GPU for a cryoSPARC run

Is it possible to select which GPU cryoSPARC will use? I’m running several GPU programs and cryoSPARC keeps selecting a GPU that is currently in use while three other GPUs are unoccupied.

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You can use the configuration tool via command line:

cryosparc configure gpu list
will show all detected GPUs. There are x's beside the ones that cryoSPARC will use. You can enable/disable GPUs for cryoSPARC with
cryosparc configure gpu enable <id>
cryosparc configure gpu disable <id>
where <id> is a number from the list.

In general cryoSPARC does not know about any of the other programs you may be running (and they don’t know about cryoSPARC).

Thanks Ali. I was hoping for an option in the web-interface but am now thinking this may be a bad option to have in the web-interface.

Excuse me for resurrecting this. Being able to select the GPU in the experiment setup would actually be really handy, I have to hop around GPUs used quite dynamically in a multi user environment. To execute several commands in the terminal to select GPU is not very in keeping with the ease of using cryosparc :slight_smile: is this practically not something that should be implemented?

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Hey Kyle :slight_smile:

I’ve put this in our issue tracker - the simplest thing might be to override the internal scheduler’s GPU assignment via a parameter setting. This should hopefully not be too hard to implement.


Hey Ali :slight_smile:

Helpful as ever, thank you!

Best, Kyle

Same thing with cryosparc v2.
As far as I can see, there is no way to specify which GPU to use. The only input I could find is the number of GPUs. Would be nice to have this option back in v2 otherwise it is not usable in our environment.

is there a way to set a gpu list in v2?

we share resources on the servers and can only use certain gpus ( 0 and 1 are reserved for visualization, and 2 and 3 for crunching)

like it was:

cryosparc configure gpu list

Detected 4 CUDA devices.

enabled    id           pci-bus  name
            0      0000:04:00.0  Tesla K80
            1      0000:05:00.0  Tesla K80
      x     2      0000:84:00.0  Tesla K80
      x     3      0000:85:00.0  Tesla K80


Please refer to this post for instructions on how to configure GPUs in cryoSPARC v2.

- Suhail