Search box in Datasets tab?

Hi, when you get to have a lot of datasets, finding the one you want gets to be a bit unwieldy in the Datasets tab (especially as there is no option to filter by project, kV, box size etc). Would it be possible to add a search box at the top to allow the user to quickly find a specific dataset?


Hi @olibclarke, thanks for the suggestion. Hopefully the Projects workflow in v0.6.0 (now out) will help with this.

@apunjani, thanks it does help! Just trying it now.

Looking at the Projects functionality, I wonder whether the capacity for either subprojects, tags, or samples may be useful. For example, say I have two overarching projects going - it would be good to be able to categorize that into individual samples, or subprojects.

Say I’ve processed data collected on a single grid several different ways, with different motion correction or ctf correction parameters. I’d like to assign those as the same sample. Granted, I could just create lots of little mini-projects, but that becomes messy and also will end up running into the same issues as just having all the datasets without categorization at all. Basically, I think some kind of hierarchical organization or tagging system would be useful. Tagging would be particularly useful actually - one could tag by what scope the set was collected on, the type of grid, anything, and have overlapping collections of datasets that aren’t necessarily from the same project. I think it would probably be complementary to the existing Projects workflow in that sense.