Refinement Tab inactive

please forgive me my dumb question but I spent several hours trying to launch the refinement.

I have done an ab initio with 3 classes, I have done ‘structure import’ but whatever I do, the tab ‘Refinement’ remains inactive (only the tab ‘Ab-initio’ is active).

So, what do I do wrong?
Thanks, D.

You need to select a dataset in the datasets tab (but I guess you did that if it allowed you to do ab initio), and select a structure and set of particles, see screenshot:

No way!

I go to ‘Dataset’, activate my dataset > Experiments activate the ab-initio experiment, copy path to one of the classes, go to ‘Experiments’, push ‘New Experiment’ and just see the tab ‘Ab-initio’ activated.
I never come to a screen like yours. Mine looks like that:

and then that:


Hey Dieter, sorry for the trouble - you need to click on the small icon under the Selection cart:

And then select the cards view. Then everything will look right and you’ll be able to start a new job normally. By the way you no longer need to copy paths from results - you directly select the results from the UI as Oliver showed.

(Also thanks Oliver for answering these questions! :slight_smile:

There’s also some more of a walk through in the Guide

Ouff, that was it :-))
BTW: can one print this GUIDE, e.g. as a pdf?

Right now we don’t have a PDF version of the guide because it changes pretty quickly as we develop the software