Refinement cannot find the correct symmetry axes

I am using the Cryosparc v3.01 to process a D3 complex, but the refinement cannot find the correct D3 axes. It is right when using C3 symmetry, but will be messed up when switching from C3 to D3. I tried to check or uncheck “Do symmetry alignment”, but all failed. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated!

Happy New Year!

Did you try and input the C3 map when starting D3 refine?

Yes, I input the C3 map&particles from the previous C3 refinement, but the result is not right.

The maps from both C1 and C3 symmetry refinements clearly show a D3 symmetry.

What about a C2 map input with and without symmetry align?

It’s still not right if I input the previous C3 map (which is also a C2 map) and impose a C2 symmetry during refinement, and it will generate a D2 map instead of a D3 map, with the previous C3 axis replaced by a C2 axis on the Z-axis.