Pyem-csparc2star error


I am trying to generate a file from an extract job in CS using csparc2star and I am getting this error:

/home/azken/local/pyem/pyem/ VisibleDeprecationWarning: Creating an ndarray from ragged nested sequences (which is a list-or-tuple of lists-or-tuples-or ndarrays with different lengths or shapes) is deprecated. If you meant to do this, you must specify ‘dtype=object’ when creating the ndarray
df[model[k]] = pd.DataFrame(np.array(
Columns must be same length as key
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/home/azken/local/pyem/”, line 42, in main
df = metadata.parse_cryosparc_2_cs(cs, passthroughs=args.input[1:], minphic=args.minphic,
File “/home/azken/local/pyem/pyem/”, line 403, in parse_cryosparc_2_cs
df = cryosparc_2_cs_model_parameters(cs, df, minphic=minphic)
File “/home/azken/local/pyem/pyem/”, line 334, in cryosparc_2_cs_model_parameters
df[model[k]] = pd.DataFrame(np.array(
File “/home/azken/anaconda3/envs/pyem/lib/python3.8/site-packages/pandas/core/”, line 3160, in setitem
self._setitem_array(key, value)
File “/home/azken/anaconda3/envs/pyem/lib/python3.8/site-packages/pandas/core/”, line 3189, in _setitem_array
raise ValueError(“Columns must be same length as key”)
ValueError: Columns must be same length as key
Required fields could not be mapped. Are you using the right input file(s)?

and this is the command I am using:

/local/pyem/ /cryosparc_project/P24/J198/extracted_particles.cs /cryosparc_project/P24/J198/P24_J198_passthrough_particles.cs

Just a couple of months ago I did the same procedure successfully (same version of CS and pyem, and same command), so not sure what is going on here. Any help would be very much appreciated