Problem with patch motion?


I have few questions for you, I’m a newbie using cryosparc

first of all, How to decide when to use CTFFind or CTF? I can’t find anything on the internet… I’ve always used CTFFind with micrographs, but is it better to use CTF multi when it comes to movies?

secondly, I have to do the structure of a protein. Its cryoEM, TitanKryos.

When it come to motion correction, I obtained something like this
Capture d’écran 2022-05-11 à 15.17.27

I dont really know what’s wrong, or, if this is wrong… I know that in a perfect case we have a certain scheme, but here, I dont know what to think.

after that, must I do a CTFFind or CTF ?

Sorry for all these questions (and I have still a lot, but if someone can anwsear to these its pretty nice)

have a good day