Non interactive thresholds for micrograph curation?


Thank you for adding non-interactive thresholds for setting parameters in Inspect particle picks. This is very useful because it allows one to determine these parameters by processing a small, random subset of data, and then set them non-interactively in a queued pipeline of jobs when processing the entire set.

Would it be possible to add non-interactive thresholds also for the micrograph curation job? They would be equally useful for this purpose.



Would be great even in the absence of a complete rework of curation to have non-interactive thresholds. It is easy enough from a small (~1000) micrograph subset to figure out appropriate thresholds to exclude outliers, but currently there is no way to apply them. Currently we have to split a 2 day Krios collection up into quite a few subsets to make curation workable, otherwise it hangs or crashes. Non interactive thresholds like those in inspect picks would solve this issue I think


I agree, this way one could fully automate the processing up to 2D