Non destructive import of star files?


When importing star files into cryoSPARC, it would be very helpful if there was an option to keep unrecognized/unprocessed data columns intact.

For example, after performing an initial round of refinement in cryoSPARC followed by a round of Bayesian polishing in Relion, if I import the star file corresponding to the polished particles, it loses the rlnMicrographName, rlnCoordinateX and rlnCoordinateY columns, even though these were present in the star files.

This makes performing a second round of polishing a little awkward (mostly in the sense that it requires judicious use of awk).

Would it be possible to add an option upon particle stack import to keep all associated metadata, even columns that are not recognized by cryoSPARC?


You’re referring to the .star file in the import job directory afterwards? Just checking one of mine, I have those fields. Maybe this is really a Relion3.1 format issue? I used a old-style file made using or with the -r2 flag.