Move cryosparc project from one machine to another?


Is there an easy way to move a cryoSPARC project off of one machine and onto another? I’m looking to preserve the dataset and all associated experiments.

Nicholas Gao
CUNY City College

Hi Nicholas,
Unfortunately not a very easy way, no… unless you want to move the entire cryoSPARC instance.

Hi Ali,

In that case, is there an easy way to move the entire cryoSPARC instance?

Nicholas Gao
CUNY City College

Just writing to bump this post.

Nicholas Gao
CUNY City College

Hi @gfdsa146,
To move the cryoSPARC instance, please try the following:

  1. Install a fresh cryoSPARC instance (same license ID) on the new machine, start it up once but don’t log in, then stop it
  2. on the new machine, set up cryosparc bulk directories to point to the same locations, with the same names, as the old machine. For this, use the command cryosparc configure bulk add <path> <name> on the new instance. On the old instance, you can use cryosparc configure bulk list to see what your current bulk directories are.
  3. on the new instance (be careful here not to do this on the old instance) delete the cryosparc/run/db directory.
  4. stop the old instance, then copy the cryosparc/run/db directory from the old machine to the cryosparc/run directory on the new machine
  5. start the new instance
  6. log in to the new instance with the same user and passwords that you had on the old instance
  7. verify that you can see all your experiments and that you can successfully download result files via the webapp
  8. start the old instance again, log in as an administrator user, then deactivate the license (click on your user name -> admin -> license -> deactivate)
  9. in the new instance, create a new experiment, and try to run it. This will activate the new instance.

If everything is as it should be, the above instructions should work. Step 2) is the most important.