Minor UI suggestions

Hi, couple of UI suggestions, take or leave them as you like, really enjoying using cryoSPARC so far!

  • selecting a set of particles when no dataset is currently selected should automatically select the corresponding dataset.
  • Clicking on a currently running experiment should take the user directly to the launch page, rather than the often-empty details page (also, I find launch a slightly confusing name for this page when most of the time it is the results page of a currently running or completed expt - maybe change name to results after launch?).
  • It would be nice to have an option to download maps from the experiments list, rather than having to go into the results page - perhaps a little pulldown menu or extra icon on each “structure” tab? Or maybe a download icon next to the “duplicate/star/delete” icons?
  • A bit out there, but it would be really nice to have a way of visualizing particle flow between classes during an ab initio heterogeneous reconstruction - maybe a chord diagram would do the trick? (http://www.delimited.io/blog/2014/11/18/interactive-chord-diagrams-in-d3). This would be nice to visualize, for example, if particles are constantly swapping between two identical classes, or between multiple junk classes.


Also, an “are you sure” type warning when attempting to delete an experiment or dataset might be worth considering, or an “undo delete” operation, to avoid accidents


That would make it even harder to use structures from other datasets using the experiments tab dataset link workaround. Doesn’t matter if a true multi-dataset approach is implemented.

Agree completely.

There already is, you click on the upside-down chevron in the corner of the preview projections for the experiment. There’s also tooltip that explains this is the unsharpened map.

I think that would be great, too. The crux is to find a type of summary visualization that’s actually interpretable. We should try to come up with some examples using chord diagrams, parallel coordinate plots or any other approaches to see how well it works. This would really benefit every classification program, not just cryosparc.

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Forgot to mention this one. “Delete” actually moves items into a trash location. In the experiments tab, you can use the Filter drop down and selected “Deleted” to see all of your deleted experiments. If you delete them again, they will become orphaned and can be cleaned.

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