Live feature request - high(er) throughput grid screening

When I get to the krios, I often check up to 10 squares before starting collection. This pre-screening allows smaller and higher quality datasets, which allows us to image more grids per session. It would be nice to have a quick way to get 2D classes from different squares without having to start a new live session for each square. There may be 10-50 images per square with a leginon naming system. We are searching ice thickness, particle distribution, and particle quality, which all vary greatly throughout the grid. Currently, to get square-based 2D classes, I need to manually create a new live session for each square, which includes manually entering all the same parameters and picking settings. It would be nice to either clone a live session or to enable group-based 2D classification within a single live session.

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Dear @user123,
Thanks very much for the feedback! The use case you describe is exactly the type of workflow we plan to support in future versions of cryoSPARC Live, within a single session.

In the meantime, you can continue to create separate Live Sessions as you are doing, and save lots of time by using the Configuration Profiles feature described here which allows you to save parameters from a previous session, including compute configuration, microscope parameters, picking parameters, etc. After starting a new session, you can with one click load a Configuration Profile and then immediately start the session.

You can also edit a Configuration Profile and save many different versions in case you want to try different picking parameters, etc.

I hope this helps!

@spunjani thanks! This is super helpful and vey convenient.