Include timestamps in all log files

We have been experiencing a weird issue where a node.js process begins to use a lot of RAM and a lot of CPU and causes the web application to become unreachable. While I was trying to troubleshoot the issue I noticed out of the 9 different log files in the cryosparc2_master/run directory only 4 have timestamps in the log file which makes troubleshooting near impossible.

We are running cryoSPARC v3.2.0

The 4 log files with timestamps are:

  • command_rtp.log
  • command_vis.log
  • database.log
  • supervisord.log

The 5 log files without timestamps are:

  • app.log
  • command_core.log
  • command_proxy.log
  • liveapp.log
  • webapp.log

Would you please include timestamps in all the log files so we can more easily track down potential problems?

Hi @clil16, logs with timestamps for all the command_* logs (excluding command_proxy which is no longer used) are coming in the next version of cryoSPARC (coming within the next few weeks)

Unfortunately we are not able to add logs to the *app logs due to technical limitations.

Hi @clil16,

Thanks again for the suggestion, this is now available in v3.3.0 (released December 1, 2021).

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