Illegal memory access using Heterogeneous Refinement

Using the heterogenous refinement job with 3 classes-128 px or smaller 64 px, it runs out of GPU memory after one iterations. Compared structures and box size was adjusted and these not work.

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I’m running a heterogeneous refinement job - 6 structures, 128px box. I have run many with the same box size and number of structures (or larger - up to 256 pixel box size) without problem, but every now and then it runs out of GPU memory, usually in one of the later iterations where it uses the full dataset. is there anything informative in the attached error as to why this is happening? I performed more or less the same run (same number of structures, box size and number of particles) with slightly different initial models and it completed without issue.



We met the same problem in Homogeneous refinement.