How to disable automatic reloading of the web portal?

Hi all,

CryoSPARC V4 seems to automatically reload the web interface, which is very annoying – the web interface automatically becomes blank and begin to reload everything, and very often it ends in time-out. In this case we have to click the “reload” button of the browser to make everything running again.

Is there any way to disable the reloading? Thanks a lot!


We have observed similar behavior of the interface under some circumstances, and expect that this problem will be mitigated in a future release of our software.
Please could you send us some web browser diagnostics that you collect when the problem occurs so that we can confirm we are aware of the underlying cause in your specific case.

Hi @yunch ,

Thank you for providing us with additional logs to help debug further. CryoSPARC relies on websocket connections to the server for data retrieval on a realtime basis. From the information you provided, it seems as though the network you’re running CryoSPARC on is intermittently closing these websocket connections, causing the web interface to revert to a ‘loading’ screen, attempting to re-establish connection to the server. In the network logs you provided, the waterfall of websocket connections should, in a normal network configuration, be a single long-standing connection:

Unfortunately this is outside our control. Perhaps you could contact a system administrator at your institution and inquire why these websocket connections would be terminated given the networking setup.

- Suhail

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