"FAILED" message running 3D Refinement

Hi All,

I’m running 3D refinement, but the job status goes to “FAILED”. All other steps ran successfully before 3D refinement. I’m not sure what to make of “FAILED” status, especially since I tried to replicate the 3D refinement with the same inputs as a previous successful run. Here is the error I’m getting (please see attached image)

It looks like you have run out of GPU memory. Is anything else using resources on the GPU? E.g. running a concurrent relion job on the same GPU could result in this error.


Yes. There are other things running, however, I ran the command on my local machine to check GPU usage. 2 GPU were free at that time. Currently, we have 3D refinement of a pretty large dataset with RELION using 2 GPU. I will until all 4 are available before running Cryosparc again.

I’ll also get back to this thread to let you know how it went.


Thank Oli. That problem has been overcome. Once 4 GPUs were free I no longer received the error.