Extra final passes and number of retries (Feature request)


Correct me if I am wrong. ‘Number of extra final passes’ value in refinement kicks in right after the iteration that yielded no improvement in GSFSC. After this point GSFSC doesn’t matter anymore - it will just do as many additional iterations as specified.

If the above is correct, I would also like to have a feature where refinement will do additional N tries (‘Number of retries’) after GSFSC stops improving, and if GSFSC improves - the retry counter resets and refinement continues until there is no improvement for N consecutive tries (pretty much the behavior of relion_autorefine).

These two features can be combined or used independently - one could specify ‘Number of retries’=2 ‘Number of extra final passes’=5


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Great idea, thanks Mike.
I’ve recoded this in our issue/feature tracker.


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