External authentication methods?



In order for a multi-user cluster install to not quickly become unmanageable for us, we would like to have people log in with their SSO credentials (CAS would be ideal for us, but CILogon, shibboleth, etc would be workable too probably?) and map their log-in identity to their linux identity on our cluster. Is there any place for this in the roadmap? It would also have the very desirable side-effect of more easily enforcing data permissions if you can run processes/jobs as the local user.

We still have several folks just running separate installs each for themselves and it is quite cumbersome to support.


Hi @brevans

Sorry for the delay! We are interested in supporting this in the future - it’s on our to-do list.

If possible, could you email feedback@structura.bio with a little more information about your specific requirements and setup? It will help us design a system that works for a variety of use cases.