Exporting sample micrographs from CryoSPARC with scalebar

Hi all,

I have a number of single particle datasets I have analysed using CryoSPARC (v4.1.2), and I am now in the process of presenting and exporting my results. I would like to show at least one representative motion-corrected micrograph as a sample of the dataset micrographs. Ideally this should also have a scale bar. Is there some way to have this done in CryoSPARC? I have tried directly downloading .pngs from extract micrograph or manual picking jobs, but they do not generate scale bars. I have also tried the generate thumbnails job but it also doesn’t output scale bars.

I also attempted to directly export a motion corrected .mrc file into ImageJ but the way it displays the data is much worse than Cryosparc’s method.

Any advice/help would be much appreciated - many thanks!

I would just create a line of the correct number of pixels width in GIMP or Photoshop (or Illustrator or Inkscape or FIJI or ImageMagick, etc). I believe the preview images are 4x downsample, the exact factor is clear from the image size.

You can even do it in PowerPoint if you make a line as wide as the whole image and then make it’s length some % of that that is the correct length you want.

Indeed, I was just trying to see if there’s some automated way to do it within CryoSPARC :slight_smile:

I think it would be a nice feature for them to implement into cryosparc natively (I’ve been creating scale bars in Illustrator but it’d be nice if I didn’t have to :stuck_out_tongue: )