cryoSPARC half maps for Servalcat

We are interested in trying the Servalcat for refinement, which requires unsharpened and unweighted half maps. I am not sure if the output half maps (map_half_A and map_half_B)from non-uniform refinement are unsharpened and unweighted? Thank you very much.

Hi @aliceY,

All half-maps output by cryoSPARC are unsharpened reconstructions from the raw particle data. What precisely do you mean by unweighted? Are you referring to the “FSC filtering” commonly done to the combined map, or perhaps to particles having different multiplicative scales? If the former, FSC filtering is also not applied to the output half-maps. By default particles will all have the same multiplicative scale factor, and this can be ensured by activating the “Reset input per-particle scale” param.


Thank you for this. It is helpful.

best regards