Cryosparc fails to start after reboot

We have this re-occuring problem on several boxes now: we shut down the box cleanly for maintenance and after reboot cryosparc is stuck because it creates a lock file that cannot be automatically overriden. Since only root can restart it, every time the workstation is rebooted it needs root intervention (cryosparc stop/start sequence to override the lock).

Would it be possible to configure the program (like all linux programs that run in the background), so when a clean shutdown is initiated it cleanly terminates its processes and stops. Then at reboot it would autostart normally.

Hi @istv01,

Thanks for reporting. Can you give the path of the lock file that is the problem? As far as I know, nothing in cryosparc should require root access (unless installed by root).


It is installed by root and users cannot override the lock.

usually the lock file’s name is: