Changing default settings


CryoSPARC looks amazing, it is very fast and I have already seen some impressive results with it. Thank you so much for that.

Although, I am running cryoSPARC on GPU server nodes (Dell PE C4130 w. NVIDIA Tesla K80’s) running CentOS 7.3 and it only seems to run stable if I tell cryoSPARC to disable SSD caching and set number of threads to 1.

I am getting tired of having to change this from the default on every run and if I don’t do it, there is a great chance the server will crash.

Is there a way to customize the default settings?


Hi Jesper,

First it’s great to hear you’re enjoying cryoSPARC so far and that results are good!

The stability issue is troubling - what kind of job types do you find unstable and are there error messages? Or full system crashes?

If you want to modify default parameters, you can change them in the following file inside your cryosparc installation folder:

Look specifically for the do_cache and num_threads parameters.


Hi Ali,

Thank you so much, this is very useful.

yes very weird with the crashes, it was a total freeze of the server without anything i log files ect.
Although I have just updated to version 0.3.9 and it seems to be fixed there.