Building/not building UI in v4


I don’t know whether it is just me, but there is something about the building/not building UI in v4 that I find confusing - I frequently find my self trying to type in text boxes on the right hand panel for a job that is “created” but not in “building” status - see screen recording.

What is the purpose of having two different statuses for a created job? Why is it useful to have a job that is “created”, but not “editable”?

Perhaps there is a way to make these two statuses more distinct? (or maybe it is just me that finds this - entirely possible!)


I have also found the existence of a separate “Building” state confusing for as long as I’ve been using csparc, and when teaching new users it’s always a difficult concept for the first few months. I do like that it’s a little bit more obvious that “Build” is a button in v4!

Agreed that perhaps styling the inputs similar to the Details section (i.e., Title, Workspace, Tags, etc.) would help. Maybe with a big “Build Job” button too.