Binning after local motion

hi all, sorry for the deluge of posts. I have decided to put several projects strictly through the cryosparc pipeline so there are some kinks to work out.

  • imported movies in super-resolution
  • cryosparc motion correction done (no binning)
  • extract particles with 2x binning (I really don’t need super-res resolution). 1024px binned to 512.
  • I did local motion providing dimensions of my particle box in non-binned pixels. 1024px.

however during local motion I don’t see an option to re-bin the particles, so I’m stuck with a stack of super-resolution 1024px stack.

I have 20k particles and when I try to process them in super-res 1024px I get memory errors so I’ve hit a dead end. There must be a way to bin during (or after) local motion?

you can use the downsample tool to generate a binned stack?

facepalm figured this out 10 minutes ago, thanks! First time using downsample tool.