Better selection logic for select 2D? [Feature request]


Select 2D would be much quicker/easier to use, particularly for large classifications, if there were more options for selecting classes. In particular, having an option to invert the selection, as well as an option to sort the classes by resolution, would make the tool much more convenient to use.


Thanks @olibclarke, working on this for a future release.


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If one specify 20 for “Classes where resolution better than” option, then classes whose resolution greater than 20A is selected. A work-around is to use “excluded” for down-steaming steps. However, it would be nice to directly support less than logic for resolution.

Hi @dongzhuoer,

Thanks for the feedback! We’ve added a to-do to make the wording more clear as well as explore a better way to handle the auto-thresholding based on what parameter was set!

- Suhail