Autofill default parameters from star file?

Hi, it would be nice if cryoSPARC was able to automatically grab sensible values for voltage, Cs, etc from the star file when importing a new dataset - obviously a minor thing but it would save a little time, and it would also save me accidentally filling in the wrong pixel size for binned data :wink:


Um, it does already…

but it doesn’t tell you what values it’s grabbed, and that’s not good. @ali I think I have an open feature request here: it would be great if the dataset page explicitly states the info it has grabbed from the starfile, as well as the number of particle images.

Hi @olibclarke, @JohnRubinstein,

We do grab all the values from input star files, the parameter boxes are just overrides that can be used in odd situations.

The final parameters to be used (Cs, voltage, etc) are all reported along with the dataset size and specs (box size etc) in the visualize tab results:

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Right - I had been studiously filling out all these values, because the fields are empty, and there is no indication that they are override values. Perhaps either indicating that the user shouldn’t need to alter these, or displaying the (editable) prefilled values would be a good idea.


Ah - sorry for the confusion there. We’ll indicate that those are override values in the help text.


I would suggest just filling them with the extracted values - clearer all round