About re-extracting particles from unbinned mics

Hi - probably this has been discussed already but did not find it. Is there a way to re-align only those movies that contain a final stack of particles, so that I can re-align without binning ? I have currently a stack of 500K particles and a pixel size of 1.3, but I could go to 0.65 pixel size if I did not bin during motion correction. Would this be any beneficial ?

Many thanks !

sorry, in other words, is there anything like “reassign particles to movies”, instead of “reassign particles to micrographs”. This way one could have as output movies that could be re-aligned (this time without binning), and those mics would the be connected to the particle stack of interest.
Many thanks

This might not be the most straight-forward, but could you convert your particles into a star file (csparc2star.py) and then re-import, this time connecting your new (unbinned) movies, then re-extract? Probably needs some scaling of _rlnCoordinateX/Y (startool.py) to reflect the change of particle coordinates in pixels.

thanks for the suggestion, but I am not sure this can work because the new micrographs will have a different name, I guess.

Hm, I’d thought that the name of the micrograph stays the same, just the path/job number would be different. And the job number is not queried when you reconnect during Import of particles:


Attempting to find corresponding filenames in rlnMicrographName and connected input micrographs…
[CPU: 276.3 MB] Example source micrograph filename:
[CPU: 276.3 MB] sample1_patch_aligned_doseweighted.mrc
[CPU: 276.6 MB] Example query micrograph filename:
[CPU: 276.6 MB] sample1_patch_aligned_doseweighted.mrc