A couple requests

would be nice to have the following:

  • ability to clear jobs and the data in them. When I click clear now it still shows a big folder size. This could be good t osave space for .e.g extractions. Can just clear them (empty folder) and rerun them later and all jobs still stay conneted.

  • ability to continue running failed jobs. I saw this is available but don’t see how? Motion correction for example sometimes fail near the end. Why can’t I just resume? Same with refinements etc.

  • skip-align 3d and 2d classification


Clearing jobs does clear the data. Did you update the size in cryoSPARC and then check the real size the file system?

The other two requests would be very nice (not to mention masking) :slight_smile:

Hey @orangeboomerang,

@DanielAsarnow is correct, when you clear a job, it deletes all files inside the job directory, as well as any related database files.

This is technically possible for Patch Motion Correction, Full Frame Motion Correction and Patch CTF Estimation. You can “resume” a failed job by connecting the failed outputs of the job to a new job and running it. This currently isn’t possible for refinement jobs as intermediate results aren’t saved at the moment.