Features and Functionality

Star or tag jobs [feature request] (2)
Share a project with users (2)
Masking sharpened map (1)
Interactive sliders for adjusting image display during manual picking? [Feature Request] (1)
Orientation distribution plot suggestion [Feature request] (1)
Option to use micrograph CTF estimates when extracting particles? [Feature request] (1)
Only do unfinished? [Feature request] (3)
External authentication methods? (2)
Fourier padding for all job types (1)
FSC mask auto-tightening as separate job type? [feature request] (1)
Beam tilt refinement? (17)
Output max/min/sd defocus for Patch CTF [feature request] (1)
Add non-interactive threshold selector for particle picking/extraction [feature request] (1)
Exporting coordinates of picked particles ( 2 ) (28)
Feature Request: Local refinement plots per iteration (2)
Print center of mask when calculating (feature request) (1)
Remove duplicate particles [feature request] (1)
Execute jobs from command line (1)
Feature request: alternative for symlinks when populating workspaces (1)
Job Outputs in v 2.3 (1)
Number of GPU threads in V2 (1)
Mask micrographs by particle coordinates for second round of picking? [feature request] (1)
Change dose weighting without redoing motion correction? [feature request] (1)
Union/intersect particle sets [feature request] (1)
Export to relion in v2.8 (1)
How to remove intermediate maps/masks? (6)
Exposure curation only shows raw picks (3)
Providing Model for Ab Initio (4)
Import multiple volumes at once [feature request] (2)
Classification without alignment (2)